How the Casentino even Tuscany has many places to visit.Here some suggestions :

Arezzo : city of Arezzo
Arezzo is a very ancient city of Etruscan origin and stands in the confluence with four valleys,the Val di Chiana,Valdarno,Valtiberina and the Casentino.Today Arezzo preserve a lot of testimonies of its past.Numerous are his monuments and the churches : the basilica di San Francesco where inside found paintings of Piero della Francesca on the legend of True Cross,l'anphitheatre Roman,the house of Francesco Petrarca,the cathedral of San Donato imposing gothic construction,the church of San Domenico with the fresco "Il Crocifisso" of the high altar and the Pieve di Santa Maria Assunta.Many even the events that animate this city as the Antique fair that is developed every first weekend in the old town centre and the Giostra of the Saracino that is held in the Piazza Grande in the monthes of June and September.

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Anghiari : city of Anghiari
Anghiari city of Etruscan-Roman origin it you present with a characteristic medieval style and picturesque houses that show its storic value.The old town centre of the country has been chosen "uno dei borghi piu' belli d'Italia".The city is famous for the antique trade boasting the presence of numerous antiquaries specialized in particular on the restoration of the ancient piece of furnitore and in the art of the wood.In the little shops of the centre is possible to buy decorations,clothes,ancient furniture,object in wrought iron and ceramicses all local objects of great prestige.To visiting the castles of Montalto,Galbino and Sorci.Near to Anghiari am of relief the Pieve di Santa Maria a Corsano,the Pieve di Santa Maria di Sovara and the sanctuary della madonna del Carmine.Among April and May is held the show of the antique trade of the Valtiberina Tuscan.

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Cortona : city of Cortona
Cortona,placed in the Val di Chiana among Arezzo and the lake Trasimeno is an ancient city that was one of the 12 city of the Etruscan confederation.The country is surrounded by the tack and inside his monuments and buildings represent an example of rare architectural and archaeological importance.Among the lot of places to visit the Duomo of Cortona,the church of the Madonna del Calcinaio,the church of S.Maria Nuova,the museum of the Etruscan Academy where am preserved precious finds of the Etruscan,Egyptian and Roman civility.

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Montepulciano : view of Montepulciano
Montepulciano is a beautiful city placed in province of Siena on a hill to 605 meters above sea level.The city of Etruscan origin is considered the "pearl of the 500".Surrounded by the tacks Montepulciano introduces very stately Renaissance buildings and churches of notable charms and value among which the church of Sant'Agostino,the church of San Biagio and the cathedral.The city is known for its wine NOBILE,one of the red wine more famous to international level and for his moderne hot baths.

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San Gimignano : towers of San Gimignano
San Gimignano is a city of Etruscan origin celebrated for his towers (see photo) diped in the green of the Tuscan country.The country has been declared by UNESCO patrimony of the humanity for his historical value.To visit all the old town centre and in particular the cathedral that has to inside valuable frescoes,the Palazzo Comunale,the museum of the sacred art and the church of Sant'Agostino.Very famous is even the pregiate white wine the "Vernaccia of San Gimignano".

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