THE CASENTINO is the high valley of the river Arno that is born from the Falterona Mountain arriving till the Arezzo province.It's one more beautiful places of Tuscany and of Italy.Flood of castles,ancient monuments and places of prayer.All his communes are important and they deserve a visit.Here some suggestions :

Rassina : Church's S.Martino
Castel Focognano is a commune that is in the southern of the Casentino.Our beautiful villa LA CONTEA is in this commune in the fraction of Rassina.Rassina is set in the confluence among the Arno river and the homonym torrent.Here finds the beautiful church of S.Martino (see photo).Active and vivacious country inthe summer period is developed a lot of manifestations among which the summer evening market a show with sale of products of the handicrafts and antique trade and in the last Sunday of July the S.Anna fair with exposure and sale of typical local products.In the fraction of Pieve a Socana is of particular importance the church of S.Antonino.Very ancient church,is an extraordinary architectural example.In the back of the church is able visit the Etruscans excavations and the rest of the preceding churches that are well preserved.In the fraction of Carda are been able beautiful walks in the mountain pathes.In summer in this country is developed the village festival where is possible to taste speciality local.Near to the Salutio torrent homonym name of the fraction in the confluence with the Arno river has been carried out Arno a river park where is possible to stop to relax and fish.

For more information : Comune di Castel Focognano.
Chiusi della Verna : La Verna Sanctuary
Chiusi della Verna as the Castel Focognano commune has many fractions.The most famous place is the Sanctuary of San Francesco (see photo).Situated in a rocky promontory and surrounded by woods and forests of beeches.In the Sanctuary find the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta where am present the paintings of Andrea Della Robbia,the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli,the Sasso Spicco where San Francesco beged and a chapel built in the place where in 1224 San Francesco receives from Christ Last Seal.From Sanctuary as in very much other places of the commune are been able walk in the mountain paths and in the woods to admire the nature among stately trees,beautiful flowers and favorites animal.

For more information : Comune di Chiusi della Verna.
Poppi : Castle of Conti Guidi
Poppi is perhaps the commune more important of the Casentino.Has been definite "One of the village more beautiful of Italy".Its castle of Conti Guidi (see photo) was built in XIII century from Arnolfo di Cambio.Characterized by a tall tower,by walls with crumbling bastions and by a ditch. In the castle is found a collection of historical books given by Conti Rilli-Orsini,a chapel with frescoes of the histories of the Gospel and a staircase with coats of arms.Always in the old town centre am lot important the church of San Fedele and L'Oratorio della Madonna contro il Morbo.Of notable charms are the Camaldoli fraction with the Hermitage and the Monastery.Diped in the forest of secular firs,the Hermitage founded by San Romualdo in 1012 is one of the greater spiritual Italian places.To visiting the church of San Salvatore,the chapel of Sant'Antonio Abate and the ancient Pharmacy where is possible to buy typical products of the monks and visit a little museum with galenic labolatory.The fraction of Badia Prataglia is one of the starting point better of Casentino to do excursions in the national park of the Casentino forests.Here is famous the ancient abbey of S.Maria Assunta.In all the fractions of the commune as in that of Memmenano and Buiano are to visiting the churches.

For more information : Comune di Poppi.
Romena : Pieve of Romena
Pratovecchio has in its fraction of Romena the place more famous.The Pieve of San Pietro a Romena (see photo) is one of the most important examples of Romanesque style of the Casentino.Even the rispective castle of Romena that blonging to the Conti Guidi is one of the most famous historical monuments.To visiting the archaeological museum of the armses.In the Pratovecchio shops besides many typical products is possible to acquire the famous "panno del Casentino",a woollen material that weavers of the place have been producing for over five centuries.

For more information : Comune di Pratovecchio.
Casentino : National Park
Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi,Mountain Falterona and Campigna
founded in 1993 is a great protected area of 36000 hectares that are divided among Tuscany and the Emilia Romagna.Over that the famous Hermitage of Camaldoli,the park includes the luxuriant forest of the Lama,the fall of the Acquacheta and the Sanctuary of the Verna.The woods are constituted by chestnut trees,firs and beech trees while the breshwood is rich of rare plants as the holly and the yew.Even the fauna is more important having the presence of animals as the wolf and the real eagle.The park is visitable through the nature paths that consent to all to do beautiful walking tours or in bicycle.In the fractions inside the park there are a lot of centers visit where is possible to take depliant and to have informations.

For more information : Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi.

THE CASENTINO is important even for the typical products of its kitchen.Among the many am to mentioning the producton of cheeses (the Pecorino and the Caprino done with milk of goat),the honey of chestnut,the chestnut flour,the Raviggiolo,the Red Potato of Cetica,the tortelli of potatoes,the ham and the Ricciolina sweet to base of almonds and candied.

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